Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Erica Bauermeister School of Essential Ingredients & Molly Wizenberg A Homemade Life | Food Blog

Thankfully there are not enough followers here yet to pick at me about the fact that it's taken me almost 2 years to write another blog post. Yep, this baby started in March of 2010 and here it is the end of December 2011 and I am just now thinking about my food blog I started and whatever happened to that, anyway?

Well, at least I am coming back to it I suppose. Ha.
Anyway, I am still in love with the movie Julie & Julia. I've watched it several thousand more times since my Redbox rental way back when and I also own it. I can see it sitting in it's honorary place amongst my other semi-alphabetized DVD's. In fact, just writing this blog post makes me think that maybe I should watch it again.

Also since my last blog post, I came across a couple other food novels that left me absolutely breathless. Personally, I don't feel as though there are enough cooking related literary masterpieces out there. Nora Roberts, one of my guiltless pleasures and mindless reading mecca's has dedicated several of her books to cooking related plots and I can't say how much I appreciate it. Anyway, one of the books was also based off of a blog, some of you may have heard of it and if you haven't, I highly recommend you wander on over to Orangette and take a peek. Molly Wizenberg, the creator and author of A Homemade Life: Stories & Recipes From My Kitchen Table, successfully wrote one of the most important books of my lifetime. I'm not kidding! It is so beautifully written and at moments, incredibly bittersweet. I highly recommend both it, and the Orangette blog.

The second book was by Erica Bauermeister. The School of Essential Ingredients is a short novel, but a beautiful read. On top of it, Erica is such a down to earth person, only proven by her Facebook page that it seems she personally keeps up with and also answers fans. (Nora Roberts does too, by the way.) For both Molly & Erica's books, I was compelled to write them personal notes of thank you and gratitude, which I don't feel compelled to do very often. A book really has to move me in order to do that...but I did and I was incredibly surprised when I received personal responses from both of them. I'm quite sure I will be a loyal fan & stalker forever, now.

Anyway, this blog post has gotten a little long and I had intended to share a recipe for Peanut Butter cupcakes but I think we'll save that for tomorrow. And yes, Travis...I know you're reading. I WILL do the blog post tomorrow. :)

So, what are your favorite food related books? I'm still looking for more, and need all the help I can get!

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