Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Website Design!!

I spent alllll night working on this BEAUTIFUL new website and I am so excited to share it with you guys! I can barely type because my brain is on slow turtle, deprived of sleep mode but the excitement is keeping me going! You can now find me at Obviously I am still in the moving things around, getting use to this new gadgetry phase, so bear with me. Regardless, I think you'll enjoy the new site. It's cleaner, and most importantly; allows for me to have larger pictures and better promotion of my blog. This whole thing is A LOT of work. From taking pictures, cooking, clean up, editing, blogging, website up-keep, you name it...this is something that if I am going to put all this hard work into it I want to be able to maximize my visibility (I'm so tired I almost spelled visibility wrong) and have a pretty place for all of you wonderful readers to come!

The bottom of the page has links to my Facebook fan page, Pinterest, and a subscribe button. PLEASE, please, please!! subscribe! I want to know I am not just talking to myself here. :) I appreciate the comments too, and any suggestions you may have. I recently had a request for Southwest pasta that I will be making very soon as well, so share your ideas. Let me be your test kitchen!

Thanks everybody, for reading! I am hoping this will really grow to be a rewarding endeavor. So far it has been exciting, and enjoyable...I can't wait to share more with you!

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